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The foundation of Predisan’s spiritual development work is our network of chaplains, serving our staff, patients, and communities.

Caring for Patients and Clients

For patients and clients, time spent at one of our health facilities is an opportunity to find spiritual as well as physical healing and comfort.

Whether it’s individual encounters through prayer and counseling, or hosting children’s worship at the Good Samaritan Medical Center, our chaplains seek to connect with our neighbors and share Jesus’ Good News.

Supporting our Staff

We want to see our own staff experience the same sense of wholeness and flourishing that we desire for the communities we serve, which is why our chaplains also devote themselves to our employees. They have developed a staff-focused program that includes individual pastoral care, study groups, worship services, and an annual retreat.

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Connecting with Communities

Building long-lasting relationships with communities often starts with the local volunteer pastor. By supporting these influential leaders through workshops, training, and resources, we seek to strengthen the communities they serve and develop trusting relationships bound together through Christ.

They also go out into the community, spreading God’s love with visits to schools, local organizations, and working with churches in the area.

More of Our Work

The main entrance to the Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Good Samaritan Medical Center

Begun in 1987 in a small classroom, the GSMC has grown into a 24/7 medical center occupying almost 2.5 acres, and serving a population of 150,000.

Several CEREPA staff members sit in the grass in front of a CEREPA sign.


Since 1988, the Center for Rehabilitation of Patients with Addictions (CEREPA) has helped thousands of people from Central America and the U.S. to overcome substance abuse through its residential recovery program.

A large group marches in a parade down a dirt road holding large signs and a Honduran flag.

Community Transformation

To realize our vision of seeing people experience God’s wholeness, we partner with communities to empower them to meet their foundational needs.

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