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???????????????????????????????Predisan’s very heart since its founding has been providing medical care to those in great need. Today, our medical work is carried out at health centers in Catacamas, Culmi and the Cuyamel mountains and through numerous health initiatives. It is our desire to effectively serve the Olancho communities with excellent community based primary healthcare services provided by highly trained staff and volunteers with the heart and compassion of Christ. We serve the Olancho region through a network of facilities that includes the Good Samaritan Medical Center, the CEREPA substance abuse treatment facility, and health centers in Catacamas, the Cuyamel Mountains and throughout Culmi, and a birthing center and physician’s office in Culmi.

    In each of our facilities we desire to continue to:

  • Pioneer and provide professional training and development opportunities
  • Enhance the infrastructure and expand physical facilities to achieve best practices in patient service
  • Recruit highly qualified and well trained volunteers and to monitor quality of personalized healthcare