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Meeting foundational needs to realize our vision of seeing people experience God’s wholeness.

Flourishing Through Relationships

Our community work is made possible through the relationships our chaplains develop with community leaders, often pastors themselves. They work hand-in-hand to identify needs and services that Predisan can aid in to create a healthy and stable community. Once projects are identified, our chaplains often serve as supervisors, supporting the community-based team throughout the process.

Two men stand in front of an outdoor classroom leading a training session.


We partner with communities to address vital educational and community wellness needs.

A teenage girl uses a microscope at Predisan's Virtual Classroom.

Educational Development

Predisan promotes not only expanding access to educational opportunities, but to raising community awareness of the importance of education to overall wellbeing and economic success.

Virtual Classrooms

Open to individual students and classes, the classrooms are equipped with printers, tablets, science lab equipment and more.

Scholarship Program

250 students are provided with scholarships to cover tuition, supplies, pastoral follow up, parenting education, medical and dental check ups, as well as psychological and spiritual counseling.

A woman examines the teeth of a young girl.

Community Health

The healthcare needs of our region require our medical services to extend beyond our Good Samaritan Medical Center. That’s why we regularly send medical teams out into the more remote areas of Olancho, often accompanied by visiting healthcare workers from the US. We also bring health services to schools in these areas, and train community leaders and our chaplains to refer people to the Good Samaritan Medical Center.

School Lunch Food Prep

School Lunches

Our school lunch project serves over 3,000 students in 80 schools. Balanced, healthy meals are managed and prepared by parents, teachers, and community volunteers.

A group of people gather around a long table full of plant seedlings in a greenhouse.

Food Security

Dependable, consistent access to nutritional food, is essential for individuals and communities to flourish. We focus not only on creating food security, but educating children and adults about the importance of a nutritional diet.
Our Vegetable Greenhouse project supplies vegetable seedlings to be distributed to communities and schools.

A woman performs an oral exam on a young student while two women record data.

Healthy Schools

We visit remote schools to provide fluoride treatments, eye exams, vaccinations and more to students in the communities we serve.

A group of people sit around a large sheet of paper at a community workshop

Community Leadership Training

Predisan seeks to empower communities with the knowledge they desire to improve their health, their financial stability, and their ability to advocate for the needs in their community. Our leadership training workshops help community leaders build the skills they need to organize and develop their communities, be better financial stewards, and identify and develop projects critical to community health and wellbeing.

Two chaplains pray over a woman in her home.

Spiritual Foundation

We work with community pastoral leaders and churches to strengthen a biblical worldview, proclaim the Good News of Jesus, and collaboratively address the holistic needs of the communities we serve.

A two young boys drink from a faucet installed by Predisan’s Community Transformation work.

Clean Water & Infrastructure

Our infrastructure projects focus on helping communities build foundational needs that impact overall health and economic opportunity.

Clean Water

Clean water is an essential component to a healthy community. We assist in a variety of projects including water filters, wells, and toilets/latrines.


In the remote, rural hills and jungles of Olancho, passable roads and bridges are lifelines that provide access to economic opportunity, healthcare, and education.

School Renovations

In under resourced communities, school facilities often go unserviced. We support these communities’ efforts to rennovate school buildings and classrooms to remove barriers to education.

Renewable Energy

Electricity can be unreliable in the remote communities we serve, so we collaborate with them to identify opportunites for renewable energy solutions.

More of Our Work

The main entrance to the Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Good Samaritan Medical Center

Begun in 1987 in a small classroom, the GSMC has grown into a 24/7 medical center occupying almost 2.5 acres, and serving a population of 150,000.

Several CEREPA staff members sit in the grass in front of a CEREPA sign.


Since 1988, the Center for Rehabilitation of Patients with Addictions (CEREPA) has helped thousands of people from Central America and the U.S. to overcome substance abuse through our residential recovery program.

A Predisan chaplain and a woman sit and pray together.

Spiritual Development

The foundation of Predisan’s spiritual development work is our network of chaplains, serving our staff, patients, and communities.

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