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About Us

Mission & Vision


To promote the process of transformation in the communities we serve through physical, spiritual, social, and economic wellness.


As a Christian organization, our vision is wholeness: physical, spiritual, social, economic and environmental health according to God’s redemptive plan.

Our Name

Predisan’s name describes our purpose.

It comes from two Spanish words, “predicar y sanar”, meaning “to proclaim” and “to heal”.

In Luke 9:2, Jesus sent out the apostles “to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.”

We too are about “Proclaiming Jesus, Healing Lives”.

Predisan Leadership Staff

Amanda Madrid

Dra. Amanda Madrid

Chief Executive Officer

Cesar Acosta

Cesar Acosta

Coordinator, CEREPA

Keydy Flores

Keydy Flores

Chief Financial Officer

Eydi Galeano

Dra. Eydi Galeano

Coordinator, Healthcare Services

Gadiel Larios

Gadiel Larios

Director, Operations

Raul Padilla

Raúl Padilla

Coordinator, IT

Sergio Quiñones

Sergio Quinones

Director, Spiritual Development

Predisan Honduras Board

Kyle Huhtanen, Board President

Doris Clark, Secretary

Gloria (Fide) Madrid-Jones, Treasurer

Javier Franco, Vocal 1

Jorge Galeano, Vocal 2

Predisan USA Board

Predisan USA board members are dedicated to raising awareness of Predisan Honduras in the US and beyond.

Jeff McCormack, President

Nashville, TN

April Barbour, Vice President

Alexandria, VA

Doris Clark, Secretary

Tyler, TX

Sharon Kemp, Treasurer

Atlanta, GA

Chris Armstead

Dunwoody, GA

Dr. David Bragg

Murphy, TX

Milt Brown

Fort Collins, CO

Angie Earnhart

Festus, MO

Dr. T. Chadwick Eustis

 Mount Pleasant, SC

Dr. Cliff Fullerton

Little Rock, AR

Kyle Huhtanen

Tucker, GA

Erica Jackson

Alexandria, VA

Cory King

Oklahoma City, OK

Gloria (Fide) Madrid-Jones

Little Elm, TX

David McAnally

 Alpharetta, GA

Cathy Pierce-Blattman​

Terrell, TX

Jenny Williams

Dallas, TX

Honorary Board Members

Bill Franklin

 Atlanta, GA
Jackson Healthcare

Larry George

Chattanooga, TN
George Financial

Betty Glenn

Decatur, GA
World Outreach, Inc

Eric King

Oklahoma City, OK
Attorney at law

Linda King

Oklahoma City, OK
Attorney at law

Endowment Society

The members of our endowment society seek to provide stability for Predisan through long-term financial commitments. Information about how to become a member can be found here.

Ken and Lindy Adams


Dr. April Barbour


Carl* and Una Carpenter


Doris Clark


Drs. Robert and Kristie Clark


Robert Dotson


Perry Fields and Cory King


Bill and Suzanne Franklin


Paula Garrett

Larry and Gail George


Joe* and Betty Glenn


David* and Faye Holland


Brian and Kendra Hoyle


Erica and Phil Jackson


Eric and Linda King


David and Cathy McAnally


Jeff and Tina McCormack


Justin and Melissa Myrick

Jim* and Sharon Narey


Northlake Church of Christ


Kent and Jamie Taylor


Ed and Joyce Tomblin


Dr. Eddie and Linda Trevathan


Charlie* and Kay Walton


Mark and Terrie Warren


Jenny Williams

* Deceased

Our History

Predisan was founded in 1986 when Dr. Robert Clark, his wife, Doris, and their two children, Robert Jr. and Kendra, moved from Atlanta to Honduras. Their goal was to teach basic health care principles and techniques to community health volunteers in Catacamas and to nearby mountain villages. A year later after the Clarks began work, Dr. Amanda Madrid, a well-known health leader in Honduras, joined Predisan and became the founding medical director. Her first project was establishing CEREPA, the Center for Rehabilitation of Patients with Addictions.In 1987, the original Good Samaritan Clinic was established and initially saw patients on a limited basis. Although Dr. Clark died in 1994, founding missionary Doris Clark continued as a revered counselor in Predisan’s work. Dr. Madrid continues as Chief Executive Officer, overseeing all the direct medical care and public health services Predisan provides.
The faith and vision of Predisan’s early founders have grown in amazing ways. Their leadership means that thousands of people have received medical care, a healthier environment, education, treatment for addictions, and have heard the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Support Us


Donate online, select an alternate form of giving, or join our endowment society


See our work firsthand, or come partner with our staff through medical brigades and service teams.

Amanda Madrid

Dra. Amanda Madrid

Chief Executive Officer

A native of Honduras, Amanda came to Predisan in 1987, one year after the ministry began. She is the mission’s founding medical director and the founder of CEREPA addiction treatment center. She holds an M.D. Degree from the National University of Honduras, and a master’s in international public health and a doctorate in international public health from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California. She received advanced training in addiction treatment in Costa Rica. Amanda has three grown children and several grandchildren.

Cesar Acosta

Cesar Acosta

Director, CEREPA

Cesar coordinates the Center for Rehabilitation of Patients with Addictions (CEREPA). He is responsible for managing and improving the quality of the rehabilitation process according to the standards of the Matrix Model, and increasing the sustainability and number of patients though effective strategies of management. A native of Catacamas, he holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. Cesar has worked at Predisan since 2013.

Keydy Flores

Keydy Flores

Chief Financial Officer

Keydy is Predisan’s Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for ensuring the reliability and transparency of accounting and financial management. She plans, organizes, directs, and controls the administrative and financial activities and budgets for all PREDISAN programs and projects, as well as coordinates Human Resources, and is the liaison with the PREDISAN USA office in finances. She also plans and oversees both internal and external audits, reviews findings and recommendations, and designs improvement plans. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Master’s degree in Business Management. Keydy is a native of Catacamas, and is married to Mariano Guillen. They have 2 children.

Eydi Galeano

Dra. Eydi Galeano

Director, Good Samaritan Medical Center

Eydi Galeano is a general physician, who is responsible for the medical coordination of the GSMC and CEREPA. Dr. Galeano designs, implements, and conduct strategies to measure the value and effectiveness of interventions to improve care and safety. She also develops and uses quality and productivity metrics to improve performance, and develops medical policies and protocols for the staff. A native of Catacamas, she graduated from the University of Honduras, and joined the team in 2019.

Gadiel Larios

Gadiel Larios

Operations Coordinator

Gadiel Larios, an Industrial Engineer, joined PREDISAN in 2024 as Operations Coordinator, overseeing maintenance, general operations, security, and special projects. With a strategic approach, he spearheads security operations and special projects, ensuring comprehensive management and execution of all aspects of the organization’s operations.  He ensures optimal functionality of equipment and facilities while implementing efficient workflows to boost productivity.

Raul Padilla

Raúl Padilla

IT Coordinator

Raúl Padilla coordinates the Information Technology Department. He is responsible for planning, designing, implementing and evaluating the strategies and activities related to the department. He is in charge of administering and managing the information systems used in Predisan, including new technologies required to meet the needs of the organization. He is a Computer Science Engineer and has been working at Predisan since 2015. Raúl married his wife, Loyda, in 2015, and has two daughters.

Sergio Quiñones

Sergio Quinones

Subdirector, Administration

Sergio Quiñones is responsible for leading the strategic management of the Spiritual Development program. He also models, plans, directs, executes, and evaluates the activities of the Spiritual Development and Groups and Visitors programs, as well as oversees General Operations. A native of Cuba, he came to PREDISAN in 2017. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Sociocultural Studies in Cienfuegos University in Cuba, a Master’s in Religious Studies from Nations University, and a Bachelor of Theology from Baxter Institute in Tegucigalpa. Sergio is married to Aylen since 2009 and has two daughters.