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Good Samaritan Medical Center

Begun in 1987 in a small classroom, the GSMC has grown into a 24/7 medical center occupying over 2.5 acres, and serving a population of 150,000.

Filling the Gaps in Healthcare

The Good Samaritan Medical Center is Olancho’s most modern source of affordable healthcare. There is a huge gap in medical access and healthcare due to the region’s geography, economic limitations, and it’s role as an illegal drug route. The majority of the population cannot afford the expense of traveling hours to larger cities for basic medical care, let alone specialized services.

International Care

In order to meet the healthcare needs of our patients, we enlist healthcare professionals from across the country as well as from outside Honduras. Our local staff work alongside over 20 specialists from across the country as well as from outside Honduras. We also host medical brigades from the United States, who come to share their expertise, and experience the joy of working with our staff and patients.

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A Place for Spiritual Healing

The GSMC is a place for spiritual as well as physical restoration. Our staff includes two full-time chaplains, who serve the spiritual needs of both our patients and our staff. In addition to patient visits, our chaplains have developed a staff-focused program that includes study groups, worship services, and an annual retreat.

Accessible Care for Everyone

Primary Care

24/7 care provided by our local, full-time staff of general practitioners and registered and licensed practical nurses, focusing on emergency care, hospitalization and patient observation.

Specialized Care

We host over 20 specialists from around the country to improve access to care for our community.

Diagnostic Services

Laboratory facilities, as well as imaging services including x-ray, ultrasound, and mamography.


Our two surgery suites are host to Honduran and international surgeons performing GI procedures, vascular, pediatric, orthopedic and ophtalmological surgeries.


24/7 services, including patient consultation and dispensing of almost 650 medications.


Transportation of sick, injured, or convalescent patients who are referred to other medical centers.


Services focus on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the teeth and gums, with visiting specialists such as orthodontist, endodontist, periodontist and maxillofacial surgeons.


Services focusing on detection, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Pterygium and cataract surgeries are performed by visiting surgeons. Optometry brigades visit to improve visual health and correct vision problems with glasses.

More of Our Work

Several CEREPA staff members sit in the grass in front of a CEREPA sign.


Since 1988, the Center for Rehabilitation of Patients with Addictions (CEREPA) has helped thousands of people from Central America and the U.S. to overcome substance abuse through its residential recovery program.

A Predisan chaplain and a woman sit and pray together.

Spiritual Development

The foundation of Predisan’s spiritual development work is our network of chaplains, serving our staff, patients, and communities.

A large group marches in a parade down a dirt road holding large signs and a Honduran flag.

Community Transformation

To realize our vision of seeing people experience God’s wholeness, we partner with communities to empower them to meet their foundational needs.

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See our work firsthand, or come partner with our staff through medical brigades and service teams.