The Good Samaritan Medical Center

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Patients waiting care at the Good Samaritan Medical Center

Patients waiting care at the Good Samaritan Medical Center

The Good Samaritan Medical Center is a leading facility for community based primary healthcare, specialty care and training center for healthcare workers in Olancho, Honduras. The Good Samaritan Medical Center serves as the referral center providing quality comprehensive healthcare service for adults and children with specialty care in Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Physical Therapy, Gynecology, Reproductive Health, Gastroenterology, Dentistry, Orthopedics, minor procedures and selective outpatient surgical services. Visiting physicians and brigades often provide optometry services, surgical care and other medical specialties.
In a region marked by oppressive poverty and limited opportunities, Predisan’s mission is to provide access to physical and spiritual healing for the glory of God. Predisan works to bring healing for the body and the spirit to the municipality’s more than 90,000 residents through the work of its chaplains and medical staff.

The clinic has examination rooms, two surgical suites licensed by the Honduran Ministry of Health, a pharmacy, laboratory, radiology area, dental clinic, women’s health center with ultrasound services, and a physical therapy area.

Patients pay a small fee, based on income, designed to give dignity to the individual and value to the services provided. To help those in great need, a benevolence program is coordinated with local ministers.

The Good Samaritan Medical Center is instrumental in the development and implementation of comprehensive continual health promotion and education training programs. Predisan works with local universities and the Honduran Ministry of Health to develop education programs and training guidelines that set the standard for training the next generation of healthcare providers.

The medical center houses the administrative offices for all our activities and staff in Honduras.

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