Fall Update – Birthing Center
By: Karen Rhodes
Nov 9, 2016

“When is your baby due?” Maria smiles and says the baby is passed his due date, so the doctors have said they will wait one more week. Maria has been at the maternal home in Culmí with her son and mother in law for 13 days now. She doesn’t know whether she’s having a boy or a girl, “whatever God sends us!”, she says happily. She looks good, and not nervous at all. This is her second child, so she knows what to expect.

Keily was washing her clothes on the “pila”, her belly is so big she can barely reach to get water to clean the soap off her shirt. She is wearing a pink dress that flatters her pregnancy. She is a bit more timid than María, nevertheless, she shares her excitement. “They say it’s a girl!”, she says. This will be her second daughter. She came to the maternal home 8 days ago with her husband and she is very anxious to meet her new baby.

At the birth center there were 3 new babies, 2 boys and a girl, sleeping, eating and cuddling with their mothers. These babies have been cared for since before they
were born, having a natural, healthy birth, now they are strong and healthy ready to take on the world.

It was not long ago mothers in this area had to travel long distances if they had difficulties while in labor. Walking or riding on horseback would be the only means to get assistance.

We give thanks today for YOUR heart to bring these families to a safe place to give birth.  




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