"...and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. - Luke 9:2"


Our donors provide a year of great blessings

Read our WINTER.2015.NEWSLETTER Thank you for making 2014 a year of great blessings A new year is here, and with it come many new and exciting things for Predisan. We anticipate the exciting things God has planned for us this year. We are confident that He will continue to bless our work and bring new […]

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Because of YOU…

Because of you we thousands of children have received well care; receiving the immunizations and services to prevent disease. Hundreds have received the benefit of care when they were sick, hungry, or in need of spiritual encouragement.  Men and women have had the counseling and care they need to overcome substance abuse. Children are able […]

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Year End Giving to Predisan begins

As of December 19th, we have received $100,000 of the $375,000 we need before year end. Your gift today,  will facilitate meeting the incredible challenge God has set before us as we start 2015. During 2014, God opened the door for Predisan to serve an additional 35,000 individuals through a network of 17 additional healthcare […]

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Traveling throughout Culmi

Expanding Predisan’s reach While a father may travel eight hours by horseback to bring his wheezing 2-year old to a health center in eastern Honduras, he likely is less willing to make the journey for a simple vaccination. When a woman gives birth in the Culmí region, she might not have the resources or capability […]

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The God Samaritan Medical Center

Loving our neighbors When Kelvin fell while playing at school, a boy running by accidentally stepped on his arm and broke his elbow. Kelvin then became part of a story that shows how we can all be “Good Samaritans.” A teacher at the school in the community of Siguate, in Catacamas, Honduras, rushed him to […]

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