Mother and Infant Survive
By: Karen Rhodes
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Apr 28, 2015

This would not have happened with out your support.


Just this month one of our auxiliary nurses from the Rio Chiquito Health Center in Culmi, Ada Peralta, was called to help with a difficult birth. This required her to hike over an hour to reach the mother.

The baby was finally delivered but the mother began to have complications and hemorrhage. Nurse Ada made the quick decision not to cut the umbilical cord. Instead, she recruited 7 men from the community to take turns carrying the woman and her baby in a hammock out of the community. The men hiked for 6 hours to meet a Predisan vehicle that transported the mother and baby to the Culmi Birthing Center where both lives were saved.

You provided the health care nurse to the mother as she experienced difficulty with her labor.

You made sure the resources were available for this mother and child to receive the health care necessary for their survival when they arrived at the Birthing Center in Culmi.

With your gift, this community was able to witness God’s love for them and for this we are deeply humbled and grateful.

We thank God for you and your investment in the kingdom building work of Predisan at CEREPA, the Good Samaritan Medical Center, the Culmi Birthing Center and the community health centers in Culmi and Catacamas.



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