Margarita’s Story
By: dcswp
Nov 24, 2014

CEREPA Patient thanks staff

“Margarita” recently wrote a very special note to the CEREPA staff who helped her overcome her addiction. She says “I´ll never forget all the words of encouragement. You gave me the tools to move forward in my life. My accomplishments and triumphs are thanks to each one of you. God is working in my life and has given me better opportunities than I thought were possible.” Margarita came to CEREPA from out of town but stayed in Catacamas after completing her in-patient treatment to study and be close to CEREPA as a source of on-going support in her fight against addiction. Now she has found a new job in Tegucigalpa and will have access to CEREPA on Wheels, our satellite program in Tegucigalpa.



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