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Predisan began in 1986 with one family.

ABOUT-PREDISAN_ClarkFamily_BWFrom what began as a leap of faith, Predisan has grown and expanded to bless the people of Eastern Honduras in many ways. Today, Predisan’s positive reputation is countrywide, and its opportunities to serve and bring the message of Jesus are ever expanding. Predisan’s work serving the people of Eastern Honduras provides vital healthcare and community development initiatives and encompasses all its efforts in spiritual outreach as it “Proclaims Jesus, Heals Lives.”
How did Predisan begin? Predisan was founded in 1986 when Dr. Robert Clark, his wife, Doris, and their two children, Robert Jr. and Kendra, moved from Atlanta to Honduras. Their goal was to teach basic health care principles and techniques to community health volunteers in Catacamas and to nearby mountain villages.87_Historic-Early-Photo_2-1
A year later after the Clarks began work, Dr. Amanda Madrid, a well-known health leader in Honduras, joined Predisan and become the founding medical director. Her first project was establishing CEREPA, the Center for Rehabilitation of Patients with Addictions.
In 1987, the original Good Samaritan Clinic was established and initially saw patients on a limited basis.
Although Dr. Clark died in 1994, founding missionary Doris Clark continued as a revered counselor in Predisan’s work. Dr. Madrid continues as Chief Executive Office, overseeing all the direct medical care and public health services Predisan provides.
Predisan work in Catacamas and the mountain clinics — continues in the Good Samaritan Medical Center Catacamas, health centers in the outskirts of Catacamas, health centers in remote Cuyamel mountain villages, and the CEREPA addiction treatment center, Catacamas. The health centers serve an area population of more than 122,000 people.
Predisan’s work in Culmi – in 2014 Predisan began reopening health facilities in Culmi. This includes a birthing center, doctors office, and a network of remote clinics. The region, covering 2,925 square kilometers (1,129 square miles) and 32,948 people, is part of the largest surviving area of virgin tropical rainforest in Honduras, and its topographical diversity has resulted in a wild array of ecosystems. Culmi is in the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve, a mountainous landscape sloping to the Caribbean Coast that is part of the World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. The new service area is anywhere from an hour to eight hours away from Predisan’s base in Catacamas, and it is home to two native peoples, the Pech and Tawaka.
Predisan’s efforts receive vital support through volunteer programs bringing professionals, church groups, medical brigades and students to serve and partner with the people of Honduras in proclaiming Jesus and healing the sick.
The faith and vision of Predisan’s early founders has grown in amazing ways. Their leadership means that thousands of people have received medical care, a healthier environment, education, treatment for addictions, and have heard the saving message of Jesus Christ.

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