Healthy Communities

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Mountain family

Mountain family

We strive to continue to grow effective community based primary healthcare delivery in our health centers in Catacamas and the remote mountain areas.

The Healthy Communities Program is the heart of Predisan’s holistic approach to – improving the spiritual and physical, social, economic and environmental health of the many communities Predisan serves.

Functioning through a contract with the Secretary of Health and in coordination with the community, Predisan staff oversees the primary healthcare through its network of health centers in this region.

Predisan promotes infant and maternal care with an emphasis on prenatal care and utilizing trained attendants and healthcare professionals during delivery.

As part of our holistic approach we also encourage the promotion of healthy life choices, counseling, nutrition and cooking classes, gardening classes, reforestation, and environmental education, improving sanitary conditions, activities that decrease the incidence of water-borne diseases such as Leishmaiasis, Malaria and Dungue, and promote a clean water table.

Predisan’s Healthy Communities Program provides education and development opportunities that instill hope – for both the community leadership, and the next generation of leaders through participation in our education scholarship opportunities.

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