Healthy Communities in Culmi

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In 2014, PREDISAN began to serve the community of Culmi with health and maternity services. Dulce Nombre de Culmí, is a beautiful region in eastern Honduras home to an indigenous population suffering from intense poverty.

The region, covering 2,925 square kilometers (1,129 square miles) and 32,948 people, is part of the largest surviving area of virgin tropical rainforest in Honduras, and its topographical diversity has resulted in a wild array of ecosystems. Culmi is in the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve, a mountainous landscape sloping to the Caribbean Coast that is part of the World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. The new service area is anywhere from an hour to eight hours away from Predisan’s base in Catacamas, and it is home to two native peoples, the Pech and Tawaka.

It is a marginalized community. It has a high maternal and child mortality, a high rate of unmet basic needs, and a lack of health education. The obstacles in the region are high.


We hope to reduce child deaths, to increase safe deliveries, to increase health promotion, reduce maternal mortality, improve access to health services, contribute to a reduction in malnutrition, and reduce the prevalence of overall morbidity. Predisan staff are also eager to address Culmí’s spiritual needs – to grow and strengthen His Kingdom. While spiritual growth and faithfulness cannot be measured objectively, the health outcomes will be monitored and reported to the Honduran Ministry of Health.


To bring spiritual healing, we plan to hire chaplains to train and minister to our staff to be the hands and feet of Christ. We plan Predisan staff and chaplains to minister to our patients and to the communities where we serve.

To bring physical healing, Predisan has recruited staff – including doctors, nurse practitioners, assistants, drivers and volunteers – to help in the cause. The staff is to be distributed among 15 rural health centers, a maternity clinic and a health center staffed with a full time doctor.

Our Culmi staffs’ purpose is to be the hands and feet of Christ as they duplicate the strategies that have proven to be effective meeting our objectives; to see people experience wholeness – physical, spiritual, social, economic and environmental health, according to God’s redemptive plan.

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