Healing Lives One Soul at a Time
By: Brandon
Apr 7, 2017

As I stood next to the therapy table where Tomás* lay underneath various heating pads, he slowly but generously volunteered a glimpse of the ordeal he lived 8 months ago.

It all started when a group of men entered his pulperia – a neighborhood shop. Intending to rob him, the men decided force was necessary to get Tomás to comply. The first bullet was followed by six more.

Months later following six surgeries and countless physical therapy sessions, he lay on the PT table at the Good Samaritan Medical Center telling me his story. Tears swelled and trickled into the creases of his tanned face. He shared his faith in God and the hope to fully recover. From under the heating pads, his chest swelled with pride when he told me he had actually walked into the clinic that day instead of using his wheelchair.

Tomás is on the mend, thanks to God’s mercy and care received through Predisan’s services. The road has been long and it is not over…more surgery, more therapy, more pain.

Prady Moradel, Predisan’s physical therapist for 11 years, pours her expertise, dedication and heart of compassion into the rehabilitation of hurting patients like Tomás. As you can imagine, her work is fulfilling but certainly not easy. It takes energy, positive persistence and a big smile. She and her co-workers need people like you to stand alongside and pray fervently for the mission to “proclaim Jesus and heal lives.”

Our mission to heal body and soul is a Christ-centered, compassionate cause that we’re grateful to share with partners like you.


In 2017, Predisan is working in over 350 communities, touching lives and bringing hope to the elderly, children, and others injured like Tomás.

Sadly, it is estimated that 6 out of 10 people in Honduras live on the margins and still lack access to basic healthcare.  Even sadder, thousands still have yet to understand and receive God’s gift and purpose for their lives through Christ Jesus.

The challenges seem staggering, but Predisan services have made a difference to Tomás. Therapist Prady, the doctors, nurses and pastors are hands-on to encourage him and his family.  They do the same for hundreds of others every day.

You may not be the hands-on, but you can blanket them with prayer.   You may not have resources to fund a therapist or a pastor but your generous giving changes lives – yours included!

Will you help us today extend hope and healing to the vulnerable in Honduras?

Grateful for you and the partnership we share,

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R. Lee Fletcher

Chief Development Officer

*To protect the patient, we have eliminated his name from his story.


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