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Thinking of serving in Honduras with Predisan?

Predisan volunteers walk along side our staff serving with them as the hands of feet of Christ.
We need all kind of volunteers, not just doctors and nurses! We have teams who are involved in evangelism and sports ministry, build latrines, work with children, perform surgeries, treat patients, present puppet shows, lay water pipe, paint health centers, counsel our staff, and help in local churches.

Volunteers bring many varied talents, gifts and skills with them. Please contact us to explore ways to connect your expertise or your group’s expertise with the great needs in Honduras.

We host several types of groups:

Medical and Surgical Brigades

Medical and Surgical Brigades are a vital part of Predisan’s outreach to the people of Honduras. Medical professionals of all kinds are needed.

Download the MEDICAL_HANDBOOK_updated 2016

Service and Evangelism Trips

Service and Evangelistic groups provide the hands and feet needed to do the core work of Predisan’s mission. The work of evangelistic groups can range from direct evangelism with home visits and worship services to sports ministry efforts to puppet shows and VBS activities for children. There are many and varied ways for service groups to contribute, but one common service project is building latrines in the mountains which helps insure a clean water source. Other groups provide professional development training, seminars, horticulture; the opportunities are as varied as the skills volunteers bring with them.

Download the SERVICE_HANDBOOK_re may 2016

Interns and Short Term Volunteer Trips

Our interns and short term volunteers serve in a wide scope of activities – medical personnel and evangelists serving for one, two or more years as short-term missionaries – college students serving for a summer or part of a summer as interns – and individual workers serving for days or weeks from a range of professions – physicians, nurses, engineers, laboratory technologists, builders, plumbers and others.

Download the INTERN_short-term handbook 2016

If you have love and energy to share, please contact us!

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