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CEREPA Director, Juan Carlos Reyes

CEREPA Director, Juan Carlos Reyes

CEREPA, is Predisan’s inpatient treatment center for people suffering from substance abuse. CEREPA has helped hundreds of patients overcome alcohol and substance dependence since its founding in 1987. CEREPA is the best comprehensive, inpatient, Christian addiction treatment center in Honduras. Our inpatient facility is located on the outskirts of Catacamas, in a pleasant building with a large courtyard. It is surrounded by garden plots and mountain views.

The patients at CEREPA come from all parts of Honduras, from Guatemala and Nicaragua and from the United States. The treatment plan includes in-patient rehabilitation for men and women with individual therapy, group therapy and family counseling. Vocational work and training in agriculture and related areas.

CEREPA meshes the 12-step AA program with the message of Jesus and professional care in a program called Celebrate Recovery. The program reflects the light of faith, and patients often accept Christ during treatment. Outpatient follow-up care is vital to the success of the program. Outpatient care is available at the center and at outpatient offices in Tegucigalpa. Each year former CEREPA patients and their families celebrate recovery at an anniversary dinner.

A large student Prevention Program is an unheralded part of CEREPA’s work, workshops are held at elementary schools, high schools and colleges where students are taught values and the dangers of addiction.

the staff of CEREPA

Juan Carlos and the staff of CEREPA

For more information, see CEREPA’S English/Spanish Website

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