Celebrate the Lord’s generosity – Give to His work
Nov 25, 2014

Before year end please take the opportunity to “play it forward” by giving a portion of the blessings that you have received to benefit a family that is not as blessed.

Predisan works to bring healing for the body and the spirit to the municipality of Catacamas and Culmi’s more than 90,000 residents through the work of its chaplains and medical staff.

We are seeking to raise $375,000 before year end to facilitate meeting the incredible challenge we have with our growing ministry. Your gift today will help us reach this goal.

Your gift will benefit the neediest families in a region marked by oppressive poverty and limited opportunities. Here are some of the examples of how we can use your gift:

$25 could provide a family seed to plant a vegetable garden
$100 could provide a very sick child much needed healthcare
$300 could send a child to school for one year
$2,000 could provide a scholarship for someone fighting additions at CEREPA

Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated and will go to meet the needs in Honduras.



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